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Biosecurity during hunting

Guidelines regarding the use of biosecurity rules by hunters were set out in ORDINANCE OF THE MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT of 30 January 2020 on the principles of biosecurity that should be observed during hunting or sanitary hunting and when carrying out activities related to the management of wild game species.

Bioinsurance kit for hunters

Sanitbiotech recommends a biosecurity set prepared especially for hunters. The kit allows you to quickly and conveniently prepare JANOBIO for use in the field.


5 liter container for solution preparation

SPRAYER 330 ml solution

Sprayer 330 ml for easy application of the solution


JANOBIO preparation 100 ml – 4 pieces



Fill the container

Fill the 5-liter container with water

Open the packaging

Open one package of JANOBIO 100 ml and pour into 5 liters of water

Close the container

Close the container and shake it

A solution was obtained

5 liters of finished disinfection solution were obtained

Pour into the washer

Pour the finished solution into a sprayer or other container used to apply the product


Apply the right amount of product

Use within 12 hours

Use the prepared solution within 12 hours

JANOBIO packaging 100 ml

Set of 6 pcs. 100 ml

200 PLN gross

Set of 12 pcs. 100 ml

400 PLN gross + 1 pc for free

Set of 18 pcs. 100 ml

PLN 600 gross + 2 pcs for free

A new generation of disinfection

Our JANOBIO product by the decision of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products of December 21, 2018 was registered as a biocidal product with a marketing authorization in Poland – decision number UR.BP.7515 / 18.

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