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Reliable control of ASFV

Extremely fast action of JANOBIO – already after 3 minutes the preparation has strong virucidal properties, and after 10 minutes there is no infection with ASFV virus. JANOBIO does not require the use of protective clothing during use.

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Confirmed effectiveness

All studies and tests have confirmed the 100% effectiveness of JANOBIO in combating the African swine fever virus ASFV.

Exclusive distributor

An innovative product

Product for disinfecting rooms and equipment as well as washable surfaces in places where animals are raised, kept and transported.

Unique composition

JANOBIO is a product with a pH 8.5, ORP> 750mV. Active substance sodium hypochlorite NaOCl 0.06%. The only such composition available on the market.

How to use JANOBIO

Extremely effective disinfection , and also friendly to humans and the environment. It undergoes biological degradation in 100%.

1. Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be disinfected.

2. Wash the surfaces with water and JANOBIO in a ratio of 1: 400 (1 liter JANOBIO + 400 liters of water).

3. Mix JANOBIO with water in a 1: 200 ratio (1 liter of JANOBIO + 200 liters of water) and disinfect.

4. Disinfection methods: spraying, fogging.

5. High performance JANOBIO: 1 liter is sufficient to disinfect 1000 m2 of surface.

6. Leave for 3-10 minutes to eliminate the ASFV virus.

Fighting ASFV using JANOBIO

Does not require protective clothing

Does not require protective clothing

JANOBIO does not require the use of protective clothing during use. Does not contain any hazardous ingredients. Meets the requirements of mandatory biosecurity.
Disinfection of<br />

Disinfection of

Fast and effective disinfection of means of transport using disinfection gates is a guarantee that the agent reaches all parts of the vehicle. JANOBIO does not cause corrosion.
Does not cause<br />

Does not cause

JANOBIO is very effective in combating pathogenic microorganisms, and also does not pose any threat
for people and the environment.

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1 litr

JANOBIO bottle
  • For use in 200 liters of water
  • Enough for 1000 m2
  • Use in a 1:200 dilution
  • 0.5% concentration

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Sanitbiotech Company
Limited partnership

JANOBIO is a Polish product produced in Poland. The product launch on the Polish market was preceded by a 2-year research period during which we used the experience of several university colleges in Western Europe.

The first official tests of our JANOBIO Poland product were carried out in March 2018 at the National Veterinary Institute / National Research Institute in Puławy P / 18/13932 in accordance with PN-EN14675 / ASF.

After very positive test results as to the effectiveness and speed of JANOBIO as a disinfectant and virucidal agent, we decided to put it on sale in Poland.

Eine neue Generation der Desinfektion

Our JANOBIO product by the decision of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products of December 21, 2018 was registered as a biocidal product with marketing authorization in Poland – decision number UR.BP.7515 / 18.

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